AS/NZS 3080:1996


Telecommunications installations – Integrated telecommunications cabling systems for commercial premises
standard by Standards Australia / Standards New Zealand, 03/05/1996



Specifies generic cabling for use within commercial premises which may comprise single or multiple buildings. It is optimized for premises having a geographical span of up to 3000 m, with up to 1 000 000 m(sup2) of office space, and a population between 50 and 50 000 persons. Its principles may also be applied to installations that do not fall within this range. Cabling defined by it, supports a wide range of services including voice, data, text, image and video. It specifies the structure and minimum configuration for generic cabling, implementation requirements, performance requirements for individual cabling links, and conformance requirements together with verification procedures. It provides building professionals (e.g. architects) with guidance on accommodation of cabling before specific requirements are known and it is applicable for new installations and refurbishments, and describes a flexible cabling scheme which facilitates modifications. It is based on and is equivalent to ISO/IEC 11801:1995; variations for Australia and New Zealand are listed in an appendix.

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